Kiki Smith - Lilith, 1994 - Bronze, silicon, and glass.

“In medieval Jewish lore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife.  When she demanded to be Adam’s equal, she was evicted from the Garden of Eden.  Lilith flew away to the demon world, replaced by the more submissive Eve.  Smith catches us off guard with Lilith’s pose and placement.  Most sculptures receive our gaze passively, but Lilith stares back with piercing brown eyes, ready to pounce.”

hella dope


my mother told me this story over and over when I was little

"Always be Lilith, never Eve"

"Always be Lilith, never Eve"

I don’t understand the negative connotation attached to “submission.” Yes, I see that this sculpture is based on “medieval Jewish lore” but Adam and Eve are also “present” in the story of Creation in the Bible. So I wanted to explain this: submission in the Bible is a role not a value. Men and women were commanded specific roles to carry out. Men were called to lead and women were called to submit. Also, submitting does not equate being weak or being without opinion. Eve in Hebrew means “life giver.” Women were created to be strong helpers. Women were made of bone not of dust. The order of Creation was such that the most “important” thing was created last. Humans were created last. Of humans, woman was created last.  It was not a matter of equality between Adam and Eve, because they were created differently with different roles. God created them differently for a reason. And each role has an “equally” high value. 

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9 Posters for $9

Message me for details~


- All Members - Grown Version A posters

- Hands Up Special Album poster

- Wooyoung Solo Album posters - both versions


Junho, Minjun, Khun posters are New condition (as it was shipped to me)

Wooyoung, Chan Grown posters are Like New (they have been taped to wall)

Taec poster got a rain drop on the left cheekbone area; Hands Up and Wooyoung posters have signs of wear, as pictured (been posted up on a wall)

Payment: Paypal preferred. Will consider concealed cash.

Am open to negotiation! 

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130301 Incheon Airport (to Manila)

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ok so when I first saw the shirt I gasped and was like omg that shirt on Dasom. It’s totally the Benetton X 2PM Stud Shirt from the What Time is It Clothes Album, another one of those genius ideas from JYP (it was prolly jyp right he’s the one that comes up with these genius though not always successful ventures right?? united benetton??? 2PM??? clothes that you can wear??? though not exactly sure now how dasom’s shirt would look on me considering how frumpy it looks from the side on a slim person… but still nice designs??? quality clothes??? 2PM??? while marketing??? and selling songs from the tour???). I already love this show and now 2PM promotion(?). but WHY? and then i remembered omg Wooshik is part of JYPE now. [and by the way he is SOOO JYPE style. I love the way he acts. Very nice and natural and next door neighbor and funny and facial expressions and he’s improved so much and and yeah. and now i want to talk about ex-jype artist jiyoon also in the show and how i thought she actually was a great singer-dancer and the idea to produce her that way was smart despite her personal conflict with that (and yes jyp does tend to make sexist comments and write sexist lyrics sometimes in a korean male sexist way) but enough cuz this post is about the way my heart pounded seeing dasom’s shirt]  OTL such a 2PM stan. ugh and I want the clothes from the JYP store but no moneyyyy….and repeat.

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[VID] 130119 2PM - Nepa CF BTS @ KBS Entertainment Weekly

i wanted to see the full guiyeomi player (woo version)…:( hopefully there’ll be a real2pm version that shows the full cut

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